Established since 1998 Ibisler Textile is a company dedicated to the development and production garments in knitted fabricsThe aim of our company is to manufacture and export knitted garments providing both style and comfort with customers’ expectations by designing, manufacturing and good service according to the guidelines.

Our objectives are to meet foreign societies and organizations to provide quality goods and services at very competitive prices, on time delivery to any destination around the globe and looking further, in terms of research and developments.

We believe it is to be the main motto of our company,and it is also known and acknowledged by every single staff working at Ibisler Textile. Ibisler Textile’s organization is ready to create new and prospective business opportunities for importers, large wholesalers and brand name chain stores in the global market place.

In terms of the quality, we produce very high quality products at very competitive prices and with many other advantages inconnections with export quotas, searching, sourcing, developing, timing and many other aspects as well.


To be the world’s leading design and production planning organization in fashion industry


Committed to inspiring and creating innovative collections and organizing high quality production planning within the principle of competitive timing and pricing.


OLI-TEX Ibisler Family company is happy to have been offering service to you since 2014 Our wide range of products from textiles industry includes Our company, almost as a bridge between global brands and you, commits itself, together with its many suppliers, to making you smile Sharing its experiences in textile industry with its customers, OLI-TEX Solution understands your demands well and combines its experience in the supply field with high quality and customer satisfaction Simply ask!